Have you tried turning it off then on again?

Over the weekend some part of my wireless network decided enough was enough, there was to be no more access to the [radio times] website from the comfort of my sofa, no more chatting to online types without getting off my ass.

After a little bit of investigation it seemed like the problem was with my [iBook], which is pretty typical as it’s just run out of warranty. So, as I’m not exactly afraid of fiddling with the internals of the iBook (I took it apart roughly 32hours after getting it) I thought I’d just pull out the [Airport Express] card and, you know, shove it back in.

And lo and behold, my network is all happy again! So, to make a massive generalisation, turning something off then on again , or taking it out then putting it back encourages the computer gnomes to come and fix any problems that you might be currently experiencing. Hurrah for the gnomes!!

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