Leeks!! MMmmmm Leeks!

It’s winter, which means I need to eat more food in order to stay warm :)

To help you out I thought I’d start posting some recipes that are both warming and pretty environmentally friendly too!! So here goes!!

Leek and Potato bake

What you need:

  • A kind of casserole pot with a lid (if you don’t have one then go get one from Robert Dyas or [Woolies] it’s only £6 ish..)
  • Half a pint of double cream
  • A knob of butter
  • Enough potatoes that they fill the dish (before you’ve done anything to them)
  • A good sized Leek (currently in season!)
  • Some sausages to eat with it (peppery ones are good!)

What to do:

  • Peel and slice the potatoes, put half of them on a plate and whack it in the microwave for about 7 minutes so they get a head start on the old cooking thing
  • Once they’re done cover the bottom of the casserole dish with most of them (watch out they’re funking hot and so’s the plate).
  • Now for the leek, chop then ends off, then slice it down the middle long ways and give it a good wash, then put half of it on top of the potatoes in the pot and cover with what was left of the potatoes on the plate
  • Whack the rest of the potatoes on the plate and into the micro for another 7 minutes. Put some pepper on the stuff in the dish while you’re waiting (aka season to taste)
  • Once the final lot of potatoes are done make a decent layer with some of them, make another layer of leek, and then put the rest of the potatoes on top
  • Finally whack some more pepper one, pour the cream all over it and put the knob of butter on the top!
  • Stick it in the oven for about 40mins – 1 hour and take the lid off for the last ten minutes. Also don’t forget to cook the sausages for an appropriate time

And that’s it. Enjoy the taste of soft potato and buttery leek :)

note: you can do this if you have a dish without a lid, but it doesn’t turn out too great so try and improvise something.

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