Animal X Games 2007

So there I was sorting out some test material on a developers box, running it, fixing it, running it some more. In other words bored. This dev just happens to have a white board next to his desk and I’m bored.

Well what did you expect? Probably not….

ANIMAL X GAMES 2007 (sponsored by Geoff Hurst)

Animal X Games 2007Animal X Games 2007 Hosted on Zooomr

Click on the photo above to be taken to [Zooomr] which will allow you to see close ups of the individual events, it’s almost like being there!

For the partially sighted of you here’s a run down of what you could see if you weren’t partially sighted:

  • Fox Duck chasing
  • Cat-Cow-Pig Halfpipe Rollerskating
  • Badger Surfing
  • Giraffe Fell Rolling (like [Fell Running] but using a ball)

Anything you’d like to see at next years Animal X Games before the council shut us down?