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Zooomr MKIII Needs your help!!

by jonh on May 30th, 2007

Zooomr MKIII logo

Ok so I’m sure you’ve heard me bang on about this photo sharing website called [Zooomr]. Well they’ve just spent the last week upgrading the entire service to [Zooomr MKIII].

[Zooomr MKIII] is the most awesome photo sharing site you could imagine – check out the demo video for it if you don’t believe me.

Zooomr Mark III Launch Demo! from Kristopher on Vimeo

But there’s a problem Zooomr is only a small startup and since the MKIII launch they’re had [investors pull out] and just this morning [massive hardware failures].

Zooomr Mark III: Hardware Crash PSA from Kristopher on Vimeo

So if you’ve got a spare $10 (which is like 5 quid) please donate it using the link below!! and [Digg the Zooomr post]

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