Xecuter rocks my box with XBMC

AKA: Xecuter modchip installation
AKA: Installing XBMC on your Xbox

My Xbox (original one) has spent the last two months in pieces. This is due, in no small part, to my inability to solder stuff on to a PCB, and also my inability to solder very well at all.

Still it’s all done now so I thought I’d give a quick rundown as to how it all went.

First off it’s important to point out that this is for a hardware mod, if you Xbox still works then you can try a [softmod] rather than taking it all apart, but I don’t know much/anything about that.

What you need:

  • Xecuter3 modchip – get it from the [ModChip Store]
  • Some Torx screwdrivers (T20, T15, T10) – get them at Halfords or Maplins
  • 7W soldering iron + solder + a fine tip for the soldering iron + a multimeter for testing your connections! Also if you haven’t soldered for a while/ever buy a little [build it yourself kit from Maplin] too so you can practice

OK so here we go:

  1. Take your Xbox apart using this lovely guide at [xbox-modchips]
  2. Now follow this fantastic guide from [Modchip.com on how to install your Xecuter 3 CE]. If you haven’t soldered before/for a while I would have a bit of a practice on the kits that you got from Maplins, cos you’re going to have to do it real good on the Xbox.
  3. Right so now it’s installed and when you boot you get the [Flashbios screen]
  4. OK so now you need to install a BIOS on your chip, use the link above to learn how to flash via HTTP
  5. Right so you’re all learned up, now you need to get a BIOS (I’d recommend the Xecuter BIOS) lets go though the steps to get a BIOS:
    • Get an IRC client – use google
    • Connect to the chat server at irc.Prison.NET and then join the channel #xbins
    • Once you’ve joined type:


      and wait for IRC chat to respond to you with a username and password to access distribution.xbins.org with

    • Now use an FTP client (like [FireFTP]) and login using the details you just received.
    • BIOSes are located in /XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios – get the Xecuter one!
  6. OK so now you need to UnRar the bios to get a .bin file (find a RAR program for you operating system from Google)
  7. Now use the HTTP flash method that you learned a few steps earlier to flash the BIOS – if you get an error use the page above – my modchip had the write protect labeled backwards
  8. OK I’m going to assume that step has all gone to plan and now when you turn the Xbox on you see the “Xecuter rocks my box” written under the large green glowing X and you get dumped to a config screen for the Xecuter BIOS
  9. The IP address should be in the bottom left. FTP to that address with the username and password x3
  10. If you’re doing this because you’ve replaced your Xbox hard drive then choose the Disk option and get Xecuter to partition it
  11. So now on to installing XBMC – I would recommend [installing it as a dashboard]. If you’re using a blank hard drive name the .xbe and .cfg as xbmc.cfg and xbmc.xbe
  12. You’re probably wondering where to get XMBC from now that you’ve got the dashboard and you get it from [T3CH]
  13. Now using the Xecuter FTP server you can [install XBMC via FTP]
  14. Once that’s done then choose “Reboot to Dash” from the menu and enjoy XBMC!