Home computer support people — you need this!

Do your parents phone you up asking questions about the computer?


Then you need [Gisto]

We created Gitso as a frontend to reverse VNC connections. It is meant to be a simple two-step process that connects one person to another’s screen. First, the support person offers to give support. Second, the person who needs help connects and has their screen remotely visible. Because Gitso is cross-platform (Ubuntu, OS X and Windows) and uses a reverse VNC connection, it greatly simplifies the process of getting support.

What this really means is that only you — the techy guy — has to open a port on your router! Which is good, cos you’re the one what knows what you’re doing! :)

If you’re doing this from a Mac then I’d strongly recommend using this [Chicken of VNC] and just listen for connections rather than using Gitso as it’s a pain in the ass for OSX (at least on 10.4 anyways).