Election Stuffs

Hey there’s one of those election things going on! I know, who knew!


If your area is like my area, for the month or so before an election, be it local, general or both, you constantly get little bits of paper through your door from various candidates. Which almost certainly constitute a really quick glance and then leap directly into the recycling bin.

That’s good, recycling is good.

Unfortunately when you actually arrive at the polling station to cast your vote 2 things happen:
* You forgot to actually commit to memory any of that bumpf that came through your door — no matter how ‘fact-free’ it was
* You now have a list of at least twice as many candidates as you previously thought existed — with no info about about 70% of them

SO, this year I’m trying to actually be ‘pro-active’. And to start I’ve done a bit of digging and managed to find the list of candidates for the local election in Southampton:


Also as a general make-your-mind-up tool I’ve been toying with: voteforpolicies.org.uk