Is it Christmas already??

Ok I haven’t posted for AGES!!, I know it’s bad – but I’ve been busy, so prepare for a databurst of info!


Work buddies second stag doo. It was pouring with rain all night long and all through the morning until we arrived at the site right on the coast at [Portishead]. I was feeling pretty ill but I had 4 layers on and the top one was totally waterproof. This meant that I could kneel in numerous puddles and not worry about the wet or cold. All in all an excellent experience.

The evening was filled with 10 of us going for glorious food from [Wagamamas] (and a Tiger beer as big as my head) even if only 6 of us turned up (and there were some interesting interpretations of 6:30 too). Then off to a sucession of pubs – the highlight being sat downstairs in the Burlesquebar while the stag probed his consience (we left shortly after). After covering roughly 4 square miles we returned to the stags bachelor pad where most people promptly fell asleep and the stag looked for ‘tittlating’ images on [Google] (tip: don’t type filth into Google).


So one of my bosses got a few of us to sign up for a [10Km run at Weston-Super-Mare]. We signed up in September, and the race was in December. So for 3 months I went for (about) a 10Km run every morning, the closer the date got, the less training it seemed anyone was doing, and the less people there seemed to be doing it in general. So just to cap it all off the boss that convinced us all to sign up pulled out 5 days before the event, leaving me, the guy I sit next to, and two other guys. At that point the two other guys mentioned something about not being able to make it, and me and my bud almost went on a killing spree. But on the day all four of us were there and we all made it around the course in under an hour, with a sprint finish to boot :) Thanks to all who sponsered me!


One of my longest friends, Marc, had his viva today which he passed despite his light green shirt. A short trip trip up to Reading and a few pints and a buffet in the local pub were in order to celebrate. Well done Marc, sorry for not putting this up sooner and I hope you enjoy your Dr Who game!


Work Christmas party, unlike last year we actually got to leave the office and eat out. Only one member of the management turned up but on the whole the event was very amusing with much hat wearing and food.


I’ve got the day off to go and see the dentist back home, it’s almost always a 30 second prod so I don’t mind having to go all the way home for it. Sadly my dentist, who I’ve had for as long as I can remember, is retiring and after I thanked him for looking after my family for so long I could have sworn there was a tear in his eye. So in 9 months I’ll have a new dentist, or maybe not given the current decline in NHS dentists.


Well it’s work as normal today after a weekend spent putting up Christmas decorations and going with friends to the zoo. But to put a bit of a downer on things I’m told that we’re not getting Christmas bonuses this year (or ever again probably) because the company wants to keep cash in the bank for expansion. That’s all well and good, but not keeping the people that make the company what it is happy isn’t going to help any expansion.

To cap is all off, I read [this] on Flock radio, and I couldn’t agree more!!

Fuck the RIAA shirt

Unfortunately I don’t think this is actually available in shops.

Phew well that’s all the news, I’ll try and update more in future (promise).