South West Coastal Path walk — Lyme Regis to Weymouth — May 2011

Just a few words to cover our 3 day trek from Lyme Regis to Weymouth along the South West Coastal Path.

Day 1:

Got the train from Southampton Central down to Axminster, and then catch the bus to Lyme Regis. Arrived in Lyme Regis around lunchtime, grabbed some lunch and headed down to the beach to eat it, where Em unfortunately had some of hers stolen by a seagull :(. Then we set off along the path, or what’s left of it, as there are many many diversions due to some serious coastal erosion.
This first walk is only 6 miles (ish) long but is really hilly, the high point being the Golden Cap. After that the going wasn’t too bad and we arrived in Seatown in plenty of time to grab some ice cream, then head up to Chideock where we were staying at the excellent [Warren House B&B]

The View to the Top
The View to the Top by bluemonki on Zooomr

The View to Lyme Regis
The View to Lyme Regis by bluemonki on Zooomr


Day 2:

This was the longest walk, from Seatown to Abbotsbury, with a potential visit to the [Abbotsbury Swannery] if we arrived in time :) There were a few small hills to begin with but then lots of flat stuff and we arrived in time to eat a huge piece of cake and see the afternoon swan feed, then head along to [Upalong B&B].

Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon by bluemonki on Zooomr

Abbotsbury Abbey
Abbotsbury Abbey by bluemonki on Zooomr

Sygnets by bluemonki on Zooomr


Day 3:

Final day, not entirely sure if our legs are going to work today, but there’s a hotel at the end! This walk is the easiest of the three and is pretty much flat, though gets a little narrow when we got near Weymouth. We were pretty tired when we arrived, and pretty much crashed into a Wetherspoons for some much needed food before heading to [The Clarence] hotel

Furries by bluemonki on Zooomr

Two Ships
Two Ships by bluemonki on Zooomr

Sand People
Sand People by bluemonki on Zooomr