27 reasons…

When the number of reasons you have to not work for your employer matches the number of employees you probably need to worry…

  1. no pension plan
  2. constant hot-desking
  3. no heating
  4. running a kick off meeting with none of the people that will be doing the work
  5. working in a team of one most of the time
  6. my tax code now including a company car and private medical insurance, I have neither
  7. expectation of overtime, all the time
  8. no contract, I refused to sign the first one, there has not yet been a second
  9. lying to clients
  10. no code/peer reviews
  11. no code comments
  12. no testing
  13. I’m expected to answer the phone, whilst this might seem reasonable but it makes it almost impossible to concentrate
  14. unpaid interns, two issues with this; only people who can afford to work for free can do it & it widens the rich/poor divide
  15. MD appears to think the office is a crèche for her children
  16. People bring their dogs to work, sometimes up to three, they run around, trip over power cables
  17. No one appears to be able to organise a meeting in advance, asked at 4pm if I could go to London tomorrow at 6am with no prior warning
  18. we appear to employ peoples friends on a whim medical supplies, whilst finance complain about cash flow
  19. behaving like children when people criticise our work and the company, threatening to sue etc rather than deal with the honesty of the client
  20. non technical people making technical decisions and recommendations, and not informing the technical team about them, which makes us look like idiots
  21. 90% of the time I literally don’t know what I’m going to be working on tomorrow, there are no “big projects” only fires to be put out
  22. the office will flood when it rains hard