10 things I hate

Ok here’s a carefully considered top 10 of things that really get my goat (in no particular order):

  • That natwest advert where the woman moans about not having her branch number. Why the hell would anyone want to phone the people in their branch?
  • Bust-a-Move 2 (on the snes) – I play this everyday at work, but what I really want to know is why does it NEVER give you the colour ball you really need? and how does it know you really need it and therefore not give it?
  • People who don’t indicate when they’re driving their cars
  • The Guardian. This is kind of a snobby hate as I strongly dislike it studenty badly spelt unresearched content, no offence.
  • Anyone that goes on that Anne Maurice House Doctor show. All she tells them is to get rid of all their crap and paint the house white!! How many times can she tell people to do that before they figure it out for themselves?!?!? Quite a few it would seem, much to the benefit of B&Q’s white paint isle…
  • Cheese, nah only kidding, but I do hate Cheese Strings, almost as much as I hate that water that has as much calcium as milk in it. I just don’t get it, why can’t you just drink milk you freaks!!??
  • RIAA – well who doesn’t, bunch of thieving monkey fuckers! :@
  • My Postman – the son of a bitch keeps delivering other peoples mail to my house, that’s ok if it’s a small letter, but when it’s 5 large parcels it’s taking the piss!! And on top of that where the hell is my mail going?!!??!
  • My neighbours downstairs. For some reason the woman thinks she can sing, but she can’t but that doesn’t stop her doing it loudly all the time (including when I’m trying to sleep) she’s also a bit of a hippie and has some serious ass-elbow-detection-issues. Oh and she doesn’t lock her front door, but luckilly (and I quote):

    “There’s nothing to steal in there….except music”

    God knows why I haven’t stolen it already :(

  • Wheataflakes – I see that adverts on tv all the time, but have YOU ever seen them in the shops?? Of course not, because it’s a made up cereal!!! It’s diabolically clever, you’ve got to give them that!

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