How to make an Alienware PC for next to nothing

[Alienware] PCs are cool – but they cost an arm and a leg, and need both my arms even if I think I could live without a leg. So I’m going to show you how to convert and ordinary cheapo Dell PC into an amazing Alienware one! *

What you need:

Got it? Ok here we go.

Step one – put eveything on a table

Step two – cut out the alien face from the [Space Raiders] box

Step three – put the blue tack on the back of it

Step four – find your Dell PC (not available in shops)

Step 5 – attach the alien face

Congratulations on your new [Alienware] PC*.

Optional step six – eat [Space Raiders]
* may not give the performace as [Alienware] PC, effect is visual only

* photos of Dell PC blurred to protect the IP addresses of the innocent

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