IBM: the one week review

Ok so this is the first in a possible series (no guarantees) about what it’s like to work at IBM. This is going to be a brief table of pro’s and cons (there are always cons no matter how great a company).


  • Shiny new laptop (1.6Ghz 2Gb RAM Thinkpad T60p)
  • Excellent IT support
  • Linux IT support
  • Think free friday (do you own stuff on friday afternoon)
  • A group of Linux types for me to get to know via IRC
  • The ability to install Linux on my Thinkpad and do all my work under Linux!!
  • Flexi time so you can only work 4 days a week if you want


  • No kettles :( We microwave water to make it hot for coffee and tea
  • Crazy ass security!! I have 5 or 6 passwords – all 8 character alphanumeric – my head hurts
  • No good map tool for the site. The site is massive and complex, my think friday project is to make this better

So there we have it – my one week assessment. As you can probably tell I’m having a great time :)

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