Aviemore Sunday 14th January 2007

Well the morning brought some amazing views!!

We spent a bit of time wandering around the village and getting some food from tesco and then went home for some lunch :)

After lunch we set off an a walk along the Speyside Way to the Boat of Garten which is an even smaller village that seems to only contain a post office. It’s a pretty easy 5 mile walk with a maintained path, lots of signposts and not too much up and down. In the summer you can get there via the old steam railway which the path roughly follows.

It was about halfway through this walk when the camera batteries decided it was too cold to work anymore :( Luckily turning the camera on, taking a photo quickly and then turning it off again seemed to keep it alive. I need to remember to recharge them in the cold :)

There’s not a great deal of excitement on the walk. There are some metal flower like things that are about 8 feet tallk which cross the path near the beginning, and a cool cliff face between some houses as you approach the Boat of Garten but otherwise there’s nothing special to see.

After this gentle introduction to lower body part based transport we wandered home along the same route to spend our first proper evening in the flat.

Cairngorms from a distance

Silver Birch tree along the speyside way

our shadows on the speyside way

weird metal flowers on the speyside way path