• What if the terminator impersonated a kitten or a puppy rather than looking like a person?? cos I don’t know about you, but I can spot a weirdo at a mile away.

    So it stands to reason that an armour plated killing machine should be visible from at least 3 miles away!

    But a kitten well that’s another matter entirely…’s how it could have gone down:

    Kitten: Meow miaw..{TRANSLATION: “where is John Conner?”}
    John Conner: Awww nice kitty
    Kitten: [ripping out JC’s throat] gfgdfjhgoisnds
    John Conner: [gurgle]

    GAME OVER MAN!! GAME OVER!! So be thankful that machines don’t have imagination…aww nice kitty..aargghhhh

  • The ‘Lose a Limb’ diet. Over weight? Just can’t shift it? Lop off a leg! It’s simple and quick and you’ll lose at least 5 stone!
  • Stone Bender A new anime cartoon thingy involving some dude who can bend stone. It’s pretty far out huh?