Reading Beer Festival

People! This weekend it is [Reading Beer Festival]. It’s at Kings meadow, near the massive Tesco that’s near the Reading train station.


For those of you that haven’t been to a beer festival before here’s what you do:

  1. Pay some money to get in and get a glass (get a pint one)
  2. Have a quick flick though the book of beers
  3. Choose one with either a funny name (normally sold out) or darker than the colour of space
  4. Get a half of it – yeah I know I told you to get a pint glass, but this is an all day thing. Plus it might taste crap!
  5. Try your mates beer, and let them try yours
  6. Back to step two..

See? Easy!

I’ll be there from the start on Saturday, expect a full report sometime on Monday :)