Shopping List (of people to hurt)

Here is a small list of things that are really making my left eye twitch about shops. This might well be a seasonal thing, but I strongly doubt it. Here goes:

  1. Shop workers trying to put out another load of some product that is on offer even though the display is totally crammed full already and no one has brought one. These fuckers get completely in my way AND block the isle off with the cage full of stock.
  2. Shop workers putting out stock of things that are no yet out of stock whilst not putting out items that are currently out of stock. This is basically point 1 but in a more general sense.
  3. Shop workers “facing up” (arranging stock) at 12:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. JUST FUCK OFF! Firstly fuck off, you’re in my way of stuff that I might buy. Secondly why are you bothering, it’ll be messy in 5 mintues anyway!!
  4. Other People. Get out of my shop god dammit

rant ends.