Should I get a Dishwasher?

So when we were on holiday in Keswick (photo’s to come I promise!), the cottage we were staying in had a small dishwasher – probably because their hot water wasn’t really very hot. Emma has always been against dishwashers as she never believed that they cleaned things properly – but after using the one on holiday we’re kind of convinced they clean stuff pretty good.

Hence the (environmental) dilemma


  • Saves me doing it
  • Cleans stuff a lot hotter than we can


  • Possibly uses more water – contentious point as it’s hard to measure how much water we’re using when we do it by hand – but even the most efficient use at least 12 litres
  • More electricity usage – though we wouldn’t use the hot water so much if we had one as the shower heats it itself

So I’m stuck. Opinions please! Also feel free to add pros/cons :)