2021.4 102 miles

That’s how far I’ve driven the new car since it arrived shortly after Christmas

102 miles in the odometer

As pointed out by some friends, I’ve cycled a whole lot further

Strava cycling stats for 2021

I’d normally be proud of such an achievement, being a big supporter of cycling, walking and general active travel.

The trouble is that driving the ID3 is a really nice experience. It’s even got a heated steering wheel! (17 year old me would never have believed such a thing was possible).

The lack of milage though still causes me to pause every time I get in it. Remember where the gear shifter is, remember it’s not got a handbrake, remember that it isn’t set to do auto creep.

On the upside, even after a month the car still feels completely new and is still very clean.

I’d still like to drive somewhere further than 6km to Sainsbury’s (and back) in it though.

Oh well, we’ll get there, I’m in no real rush :-) Stay safe everyone