2021.3 The beach!

Yes, we managed a beach visit in January!

We even paddled in the sea for a few minutes! It almost made me miss sea swimming.

Apart from looking for cool rocks, there was a fair bit of work going on to stabilise some of the cliffs which was pretty impressive to see (can you spot the buggy?)

A cleared section of cliff with engineers putting metal rods into it for stabilising purposes

But I guess if you are going to chop down all the trees then something needs to try and hold that wall of earth together :-\

I can only assume the tree clearance was ordered by someone without a GCSE in geography.

I do love looking at the cliffs though, you can really see how it was all formed

Clear and well defined layers of rock in the cliff

I think the tree clearance thing is starting to cause more problems though. Even the path down to the beach is slowly separating

Path down to the beach from Cranford Cliffs

One thing that is still standing strong is the tower park water tower which we went past on Sunday’s walk

The tower park water tower

You can see it from everywhere around (sometimes quite handy) so you know it must be big. But once you’re next to it, wow, it’s the kind of thing where you look up and fall over backwards :-)

It seems crazy to me why you would build such a complex structure, compared to all the other water towers near me that are basically square boxes with square buildings underneath.

Impressive though, and a sobering thought that even what appears precarious can be stronger than what would appear to be indestructible.