Halo 3 Update

I received this lovely comment on my last Halo 3 post and thought I’d make an example of it :)

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I completed halo 3 in 6 hours on legendary. It was the biggest pile of shit eva

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Lee. You obviously haven’t played very many games if you thought it was the biggest pile of shit eva! Don’t get me wrong – there are lots more games for the 360 that try to break the rules either in terms of controls (like GOW – Gears of War, where the only button you’ll ever need is A) or in terms of game play (Bioshock – where you mutate yourself through the game using 75 different splices of stuff giving everyone a different experience).

But that was never going to be the point of Halo 3 – they’d made 2 versions already – there wasn’t much they could change without having to rename it.

The point of Halo 3 was the tag line: “Finish the fight!” and for me that was enough.

PS: No I don’t feel bad for dropping his fake email address of IP address in this post.