New inventions for 2010! (aka the future)

Confused? then let me explain. We’re currently in the future that as a child I looked forward to but it’s slightly more disappointing than I expected it to be, for instance the following things are missing:

  • Flying Cars – car’s don’t really seem to have changed at all…
  • Space Bases/Travel/Stuff – 50% of the stuff we send into space explodes :(
  • Robots – OK we have a few things that can [vacuum your carpet], but nothing more really…

Nothing particularly outrageous, but still they’re all wrong :(

So here are my predictions for 2010 (the new future). They’re split into two categories:

  • Concrete predictions – Stuff that totally will happen!
  • Fluffy predictions – fluffy ideas that I can argue I got right – possibly contains humour

As a side note this idea has been totally scraped from the [last Lug Radio podcast] but now that it’s under a [Creative Commons License] it’s all good :D.

Fasten your seatbelts…

Concrete Predictions

  • 1 Terabyte iPod – that’s a lot of songs kids
  • Nuclear Fusion – putting stuff together can create at least as much energy as breaking it apart!
  • Electric Cars – like the [Tesla] but I think that they’re going to become more common as better batteries are invented

Fluffy Predictions

  • iPod connections on everything – most probably your microwave
  • A generation of Adults with massive forearms from playing Wii too much in their childhood
  • Linux kicking ass on the desktop – yeah yeah laugh it up, one day it will come true…
  • Companies becoming more open – more open development, methods, what they’re thinking, what they’re planning etc
  • Maybe a laboratory under the sea….maybe in another 10 or so years… :)

Come on then, what are your predictions for 2010?