Welcome to 2021

I made some more resolutions this year. I made some just year too, but they turned out hard to keep :-\

2020 resolutions

Annoyingly I deleted this list when making the new one, but I’m sure these things were on it.

  • Run to moors valley along the castleman trail (half marathon)
  • Pier to pier swim
  • Sandbanks Tri
  • Swim 52km
  • Run 1010 km
  • Cycle 2020km \o/
  • One “handstand push-up”
  • Don’t use a plane \o/
  • Go to the beach once a month \o/
  • Buy an eBike \o/

Not great in the end, though most of the failure can be blamed on lockdowns, homeschooling and general pandemic issues :-(

2021 resolutions

  • Get back to weighing 75kg
  • Run to Moors valley
  • Don’t use a plane unless I absolutely have to
  • Go to the beach at least once a month (at least in months where it is allowed)
  • Swim in the sea!
  • Record a guitar cover every week
  • Write 52 blog entries
  • Cycle 2021 km or miles in zwift
  • Cycle 2021 km or miles in the real
  • Lift at least 2021kg in total each week
  • Run for at least 202.1km in total
  • Swim for at least 20.21 km in total
  • Meditate at least once a week


Yup just like SERCO test and trace I’ll be using a spreadsheet to keep track of how I’m doing, and you can see it too!


I’m not dead set on some of these. Cycling for distance is a bit of a crap metric, and anything that requires weekly attention can easily slip, so I might allow a kind of “once a week or 52 in total” method.

At least I’ve managed the first blog one and I’m working on my guitar cover.

Hopefully I don’t regret choosing these and can actually achieve some this year!